Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bug is a pest that is often found in human habitation. Bed bugs are oval, wingless, 5 mm long, reddish brown in colour with a flattened body.
Bed bugs are human parasites and feed on blood. They are mainly active at night and hide in cracks and crevices in walls, beds and furniture and along the folds of mattresses and upholstry during the day.
Bed bugs infestations are often picked up from cinema theatres, hospitals, hotels, buses and trains and brought into homes on clothing, bedding and luggage.


Chemical spraying treatment. Two Services will be given in the interval of 15 days. The effectiveness of the treatment is for three months.

Requirements Before Treatment :

  • Empty wardrobes and cupboards.
  • Remove items mounted on walls eg. Mirror, Photo frames etc.
  • Remove electrical switch box covers.
  • Remove items from box bed.
  • Cover all fragile items like Television, Music System, Computers, Refrigerator etc.

Note :

Premises will have to be kept closed for two hours and aired thereafter. Pesticides used are completely odourless. Children, pets and old people will have to be kept away at the time of treatment. Since the pesticides used at the time of treatment are completely odourless you can remain at the site of treatment.