Wood Borer Control

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Wood Borer Control

Do you see white powder in your wooden cupboards and drawers everyday, which comes back the very next day even if you clean it? If yes, then most likely you have a problem of borer.
Powder Post Beetle is commonly called Wood Borer. They are very destructive and reduce precious wood into dust.
Wood Borers are about 4mm long and dark brown to black in colour. They spend their life in wood. And thus they live in their food.
They lay eggs in cracks/pores in wood. Life cycle of the insect is unlike animals or human beings. The egg hatch to become larva, then pupa and finally the adult. The larva starts eating voraciously on wood thereby making tunnels inside wood.
The powder or dust falling from the holes in the wood is the excreta of the borers and undigested cellulose of wood.
The adults finally emerge by making tiny pin size holes.
Wood in your premises can get infested by cross infestation i.e. from wood infested by woodborers, brought from outside. The infestation generally remains hidden for a long time without giving any indication of its presence. It is noticed after completion of one generation, after the excreta starts falling from the holes.


Application of two coats of suitable oil based insecticide on all the sides of wooden items before cutting and polishing.


Injecting a suitable insecticidal formulation at the prescribed concentration into the shot holes created by the pest on the infested wooden articles, followed by a thorough spray to the entire articles.


3 Monthly Services.