Welcome to the V-care Pest Management Services

We offer complete Pest Management Solutions in residential as well as commercial premises and soon aim to be the market leaders in the segment. Be it cockroaches, termites, rodents, bed bugs or any other pests, we will get rid of them for you. We, at V-CARE have a clearly charted strategy map to be the market leaders in the segment.
V-CARE is dedicated to providing your business or residence with the most effective and ongoing pest management solution available. V-CARE's unique and complete approach supports quality on-site supervision with an entire team of experts who develop and monitor your Integrated pest management solution.
We recommend an Annual Maintenance Contract for all services (Cockroach Treatment, Red Ants Control, Black Ants Control, Rodent Control Treatment, Bed Bugs Treatment) to keep your property free from pests throughout the year.
No one-size-fits-all solutions here. Your V-CARE shield will be a made-to-order solution, uniquely customized for your home or business premise. No matter which one of our services you choose, you'll get the most advanced pest management technology available - apt, effective and long lasting solutions.
We value your time; we consider your schedule to be our schedule. If you ever have a concern between scheduled visits, please feel free to call us, a trained, certified V-CARE expert will have a solution for you within 24 working hours.
Our experts, include entomologists and experienced operators, who will be taking care of your business or residential premises.

Our Best Services

Anti Termite Treatment

Termites, also popularly known as ‘White Ants’ have been on this

Bed Bugs

Bed bug is a pest that is often found in human habitation. Bed bugs are

General Disinfestations

Cockroaches have been on the Earth for two hundred and fifty million years

Lizards, Spiders, Crawling Insects

We also offer an effective treatment


Rats have lived in close association with man ever since the dawn

Wood Borer

Do you see white powder in your wooden cupboards and drawers